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International Vulture Awareness Day 2009 is hosting a blog festival on September 5. IVAD09 invites you to blog about vultures. Write,film,draw or photograph Old or New World vultures and share your post with the world.

The IVAD09 blog festival will start on September 4 at 19:00 UTC/GMT/Zulu time. Mr Linky will be here to receive your name and permalink.

We ask you to insert the Blog for Vultures badge in your post and link back to this website. Birdorable.com most generously lent us one of its famous designs to use for Blog for Vultures | IVAD09. Yay for the cutest vulture on the web!

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  • Awesome Gwen! I am all over this one. I now have a month to get some great vulture photos,or maybe some video footage to share for the IVAD. I’m sure this will be a great success and help with the plight of the vulture in several locations around the world!

  • Thanks Larry. I’m very much looking forward to it. I hope you get some video footage :-)

  • Richard Longstaff

    Great to see these wonderful birds getting the help and support they need. As a conservaation officer for the RSPB in the Uk it is good to see raptors getting protection.

  • Jen van Wijn

    Wish we could be there together Gwen,lets buy a ticket!!:) Hoping they will make a nice movie for…..

  • Great Idea! Will pass the word along!

  • Thanks Dawn,much appreciated.

    Jen,how about writing something about one of your beautiful vulture photos? It’s never too late to start a blog. In fact,this is an excellent excuse to start one!

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  • Janet Hug

    Look forward to the festival.

  • I shall post too on the 5th.
    I do love the Vultures!

  • Hi Gwen
    The site keeps on getting better and better! Will approach a few more people in the rest of Africa directly and ask them to sign up. Communications and connections can be a problem in some areas. Thanks again for your hard work.

  • I’ll definitely be posting some photos and a little write-up on the 5th,as well as a reminder to everyone on my blog to join in!

  • Great to have you on board Sherry and Janet.

    Thanks for all the support on Twitter and Facebook as well everyone :)

  • Thanks André,my pleasure :-)

  • Thanks for your support Bill. Much appreciated!

  • [...] ask you to insert the Blog for Vultures badge in your post and link back to this website. Birdorable.com most generously lent us one of its famous designs to use for Blog for Vultures | [...]

  • I’m with you. We need to tell people how important and cute vultures really are! I have some terrific pictures from the Falls of the Ohio,including the Vulture World Cup.

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  • The Vulture World Cup? This we have to see! :-)

  • Great Gwen. I added the IVAD badge a week or so back,but was not aware of the IVAD09 blog festival coming up. I will definitely have to get a post together. Thanks for passing the info along and spreading the word.

  • Looking forward to read your post,Scott.

  • I not understand very english,may participated and suport the idea.
    My blog ist from Birds ,and in the Siera de Guara (Huesca-Spain) have in Volture Photo.
    Great Idea.

    Thanks from your comprension and excuse me from my language limited.

  • Becci

    This sounds like a super fun idea. Vultures don’t get enough respect!

  • Bon dia Rafael. Great to have you on board. Don’t worry about your English,wait til you see me write Spanish. :-) )

  • Absolutely agree Becci.

  • hummer

    Recently spent a few days in Big Sur,California. Watching the Turkey Vultures soaring high above above us! Amazingly graceful and stunning to watch close up with binos. Will submit a photo . . .

  • Nishith Dharaiya

    In India Gyps species of Vulture and their habitats are facing numerous problems. We have longbilled vultures who nests in the cliffs of mountain. Very few such cliffs are available in my state (Gujarat) one of this is Girnar Mountain (the highest peak in Gujarat). A rope way project is planned in this hill which goes exactly from the nesting sites of this vulture.
    The project is waiting for clearance of National Wildlife Board in India. Lets pray that board deny this project. and we could save this one of the few nesting sites of Long billed Vulture.

  • Jaidev

    This may become some event. Vultures are declining fast in India. A Long-billed Vulture Nesting colony at Girnar Wildlife Sanctuary,Gujarat is under threat. A tourism based Rope way project is taking place on this Girnar hill and it will pass just over the nesting colony of LBVs. Disturbance of construction phase of the rope way will be such high that there cannot be any doubt that vultures will abandon the site. We request all readers to request Hon’ble Minister of Environment &Forest of India to take care of those vultures and their nests. You can send your requests to
    We are planning to celeberate the IVAD at this spot itself.

  • I hope everyone will write a request and send it to the Minister. Do you perhaps have a standard letter readers can use?

    Would hosting an online petition help the cause,Jaidev?

  • Nishith Dharaiya

    We would like to celeberate the International Vulture Awareness Day at Girnar Sanctuary. I request all to suggest us for the same so we can pull attension of one and all towards this issue and can save the nesting sites of vultures and Girnar forest.
    Please look at the google map to have idea about the project destroying the Vulture habitat.


  • Jaidev

    Thnx for the supporting words. Yes,proper prtition requesting implemention of International recommendations for Vulture conservation may help in the cause.

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  • Wonderful idea and I am late to the party as usual. I am fairly new to birding and only have a couple of vulture photos which aren’t very good…But I will try to get a post together.. Michelle

  • Nirmal Foundation frd

    We propose to organize a local media campaign for vulture conservation. Programmes to disseminate information on need for vulture conservation and action required to be taken.

  • Jaidev

    Vultures Concentrating Around Cattle Camps (Panjarapol)

    It seems that descending Vultures of Gujarat,India are taking refuge to panjarapols.(Camps for sick or stray cattle generally run and managed by Jains and municipalities in some cases.) They are withdrawing themselves from urban and rural feeding grounds and concentrating around panjarapols. Even at places where vultures are commonly seen,sighting them feeding on carcasses is becoming stories of old days. It will be an interesting outcome if birdwatchers reporting vulture sightings,may also give details whether they have seen them feeding and if they have,then where. Ask anyone and he will reply that for many years he has not seen vultures feeding on carcass of cattle or animal in neighborhood of a town or a village. Either one can see it in forest,desert or at panjarapol. Nowadays carcasses of cattle are not left around in open and they are utilized for skin and bones. Chemicals are being put on dead bodies of animals like dogs,pigs etc for fast decomposing. If any carcass is left in open as it is,disturbance of human activities around or competition with stray dogs will not let the vultures feed to their full capacity. Generally at panjarapols dead bodies of cattle are kept in one corner or adjoining veranda,which is safe and peaceful feeding ground for vultures. Panjarapol having some water source around or nearby,where a vulture can wash itself and drink is opt to become the favorite feeding ground for vultures,because here they don’t have dogs to compete with or any other disturbance. Major risk factor is medicines given to sick cattle and its effect on vultures. A strategy is to be worked out to pursue the panjarapol managements to avoid administering diclofanec-based medicines to sick animals.

  • Jaidev

    Let us say,“Hakabhai Makwana,we salute you”on IVAD09 to this young man who is doing so much for Vulture Coservation and Awareness,and that too on his own with few local friends….

  • Hershal Pandya

    Dear Jaidev,

    If you have means to communicate with Hakabhai,Pls tell him we all appreciate his work very much. It is him and his friends who live with vultures all year round and we ,bloggers,have to find a day to care about these creatures.

    Hope this IVAD raises hopes for Vultures…I will be sitting like a lame duck in my room. Is there any activity in pune?


  • Nishith Dharaiya

    Great work,Mr. Hakabhai,Keep it up.
    This vanishing vulture population needs several more Hakabhais. My best wishes…
    Nishith Dharaiya

  • Nishith Dharaiya

    Let me give the similar example from North Gujarat. Mr. Anil Patel (A school teacher0 from Kadi town of Mehsana District,has also made numerous efforts to protect large trees from Road expansion as these trees were important roosting and nesting sites of White back vultures. In Kadi it is one of the largest population (~30). Good job,Mr. Anil bhai.

  • Johan van Rensburg

    Yeah! I too really hope to see some activity here…

    5 September is the national vulture count day here in South Africa. I will be attending a count of the vultures at a vulture restaurant on Kempenfeld Farm near Dundee,KZN,South Africa on this day. Kempenfeld is run by Mynhardt Sadie and has in the short period in existence,already developed a reputation as one of the best managed VRs in South Africa.

    Viable and well-managed vulture restaurants in South Africa have increased dramatically since 2003 when the first vulture count was undertaken at nine sites. 33 VRs were counted last year,and even more sites are expected to be covered this year.

    As I will be “in the bush”over the weekend in question,my contribution will happen on Monday…Hope that is not too late!

  • Monday is just fine,Johan. :-)
    I will keep Mr Linky open for a week to give all participants time to add a post as well.

  • Much appreciated Michelle! I’m a newbie bird watcher myself ;-)

  • Jaidev

    Let’s make efforts that effective that vultures may feel the difference….

  • Avi Sabavala

    I too join Jaidev Dadhal &Nishith Dharaiya in congratulating Hakabhai for his dedicated efforts in saving vultures. Hakabhai,I salute you!

  • Ankit Shukla

    Bow Down to Hakkabhai….

  • Sandy J

    I am a volunteer at the Cascades Raptor Center in Eugene,Oregon and am a member of the Education Team. As such,I have the priviledge of working with one of our two glove-trained turkey vultures. He is a wonderful,intelligent bird and I love educating the people on how great they are. We will definitely be spending time out and about on Saturday!

  • Thanks for your support Sandy.

  • Hi Gwen,

    Just added my post to the IVAD09 blog festival. Can’t wait to read all the other posts.

    Don’t overlook the Turkey Vulture:http://journowl.com/index.php/archives/609



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  • Thank you Scott! Can’t wait to read all the other entries either. :D

  • Here are some of my favorite vultures,including the Vulture World Cup! http://life-birding-etc.blogspot.com/2009/09/international-vulture-awareness-day.html

    Is this the right place to get them posted?

  • Department of Zoology,National college,Trichy-1,Tamilnadu,India has successfully celebrated the international vuture awareness day on 5th sep.2009. Talk and slide shows were organised for students of zoology. Thanks to IVAD09 programme.

  • Bird Explorers has a new blog entry all about Vultures in celebration of International Vulture Awareness Day. Come enjoy the vulture photos and join Bird Explorers in giving some love to these totally cool birds. http://networkedblogs.com/p10877911

  • Great to hear the event was a succes.

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  • Two posts on my blog.
    The first one is an old post about Condors in Santa Eulalia Canyon 3 hours from 9 milion inhabitants Lima.

    The other blogpost is a brand new. Sorry for being so late. It is a personal biography of my relation with Vultures. They are truly birds I have been fascintated by since I was a child. And I only started birding for real in my 20s.
    Vulture day:Flaps! What we gonna do? Enjoy!

  • Thanks Gunnar.

    No worries about being late,I’m expecting more links to come in on Monday and perhaps even Tuesday. Some people are away for the weekend (counting vultures) and won’t be able to participate earlier.

  • sonika

    5th September turned out to be “A RED LETTER DAY”for Gypsophils all over the World.Really a great beginning for a great cause.Now the aim should be to have concern for vultures all round the year and not get confined just to a single day…..
    CONGRATS to all for successful celebrations of IVDA 2009 all round the world :)

  • Amita

    Fulfilling the aim of high lighting vulture conservation and awarenessof IVDA,Department of Zoology,University of Lucknow,organized a 2 hrs programme on 5th sept. The programme started with the display of a short documentary on vultures(15 min.) provided by Mr. D Basu (Co-ordinator of Gharial Project,WWF) &Mr. S.C. Chaudhary (VP of Katarnia Ghat Wildlife Sanctuary,U.P.). This was followed by poems on vultures &nature recited by Mr. Punkaj,a Research Scholar at CDRI,Lucknow and a lecture was delivered by Dr P.K. Srivastava (Scientist,CDRI),using sciencetoons. The Programme was concluded with the distribution of posters and leaflets sent by Dr.Anil Chhangani (Member,IUCN,Birds &Mammals Breeding Specialist Group,Department of Zoology,J.N.V. University,Jodhpur-Rajasthan) . The programme was coordinated by me together with my Research Scholars Sonika Kushwaha &Jitendra Kumar Verma.
    In this programme P.G. students of Zoology Department,Environmental Biology and Mass Communication were present all with the Faculty members and Research Scholars.